CCAPP, caade, NCAC Counselors

The Empire Recovery Center is vendored with CCAPP to provide continuing education opportunities in the northstate.  

Let us know if there are particular subjects or classes that you need or want.  We have additional instructors and will schedule more classes if there is enough interest.  Some classes could be presented on your site with prior arrangement with the instructors for the Empire.

The next CCAPP  certification preparation course begins February, 2017.  Contact CCAPP at 916-338-9460  or local provider, Patty Nealy at 949-2134.     email:  

336 hours over 56 weeks of classes​ provided here in Redding.

​​​Saturday Continuing Education Classes

  CCAPP Vendor 

                         No classes are scheduled for December

January 21, 2017          9 am - 1 pm          " HIV, TB, and Hepatitis C"        4 CEs

February 18, 2017         9 am - 1 pm          "Burn Out"                                  4 CEs        

March 18, 2017              9 am-  1 pm          "Record Keeping & Documentation"   4 CEs

April 15, 2017            9 am - 4 pm    "Ethics, Confidentiality, Professional Boundaries"  6 CEs

May  20, 2017                 9 am - 1 pm         "Stress Management"                4 CEs

​June 17, 2017                9 am - 1 pm          "Motivational Interviewing"      4 CEs

Additional courses are available:  PTSD, Diabetes, Universal Precautions, Motivational Interviewing, 

and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.   Coming soon will be courses in Anger Abatement,
Domestic Violence,  Re-Parenting Ourselves,  Parenting Skills and Structure.

If there are topics you would like included, please let us know.  Also, Saturday classes require pre-registration. There is a cost for continuing education classes of $15 per credit hour.  

You MUST pre-register for classes.  If there are no advance registrations, classes will be canceled.  

If you need Continuing Education for your renewal of your  registration/certification, call Marjeanne at 243-7470 and additional dates may be arranged.

A must be aware of when you need to re-certify or re-register. And CCAPP will need at least 1 month to review your submission.  DO NOT WAIT until the last minute.  You may find yourself unable to work if you let your registration or certification lapse.

For CCAPP and CAADE students, internship hours and supervised practicums may be arranged at the ERC.  Contact Marjeanne Stone, Executive Director, for more information.