October 28, 2014

Scripps Howard Foundation has awarded the Empire Recovery Center $7,000!  Thank you to our friends at Redding.com for making this possible!

Deborah Sockwell & Jeffrey Redondo,

  Union Bank, 1805 Market St., Redding

One of our special community supports has been the Record Searchlight!  They gave us a grant in 2012 that spurred us towards making  renovations to our program.  


In  2014  and  2015, the Empire Recovery Center (ERC) received Mercy Medical Center Redding Community Grants.
In 2016, Dignity Foundation awarded the Empire $75,000 for detox services to the homeless and indigent community members.

 In 2016, the Empire Recovery Center, the Veterans' Resource Center, and Shasta Community Health  Center have partnered to provide detox services!    The Foundation has awarded the collaborative partnership with $75,000.  Thank you to the Foundation for helping us help others!

The City of Redding awarded the Empire Recovery Center's
Detox program block grants in 2014-15, 2015-16,  and 2016-2017 and has announced that the ERC is a recipient of 2017-18 Block Grant Funds  to provide  detox services for individuals who are eligible through the ERC application process that assures the effective use of these funds!
 Thank you City of Redding!

If you know of a north state business that wants to learn about  substance use disorder services for their employees, give us a call.  We will make presentations to boards of directors, to human resource personnel, and to agencies and companies that are interested in the services that the Empire Recovery Center provides.  And the Empire Outpatient Services staff are ready and able to provide Employer Assistance Programs to businesses and companies in the north state area.    Call Marjeanne Stone at 243-7470, or Art Sevilla at 244-7074.


thank you to union bank foundation!!

March 8, 2016

The Empire Recovery Center has just been awarded a $5,000 grant from the Union Bank Foundation, for new beds!

 Union Bank Foundation is a great supporter of the Empire and a vital part of our community.  

Shopko supports our community!

Shopko donated $250 to the Empire Recovery Center!

 Shopko supported several other non-profits, including the Girl Scouts, and the "Shop with the Shield" event, where our local firemen and police helped youngsters purchase school supplies and clothes with funds donated by Shopko.  We thank our local businesses for making a difference to and in our community.

Thank you to the McConnell Fund, Shasta Regional Community Foundation!

The Empire was awarded a grant to replace the original cooling unit and all the steel doors for residential rooms.  Thank you to all who were involved in making this happen!  

​The ERC accepts Private Insurance and will work with your insurance providers.