The Empire Recovery Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the furtherance of recovery from substance use disorders in social model settings. The residential and withdrawal management programs are licensed and certified by the California Department of Health Care Services: #450001AN, 06/01/2023-05/31/2025. Empire Outpatient Services is also licensed and certified by DHCS: #450001CN, 09/22/2022 – 08/31/2024. www.dhcs.ca.gov

The programs are community-based, peer-group oriented settings that provide shelter, withdrawal management (detox), and residential and outpatient recovery services to individuals who have alcohol and drug addiction service needs. This non-profit corporation is governed by a community-represented Board of Directors and is staffed by qualified and empathetic individuals who help to maintain a supportive environment and provide recovery opportunities. Evidence-based materials are used, including “Living in Balance,” “Thinking for Change,” “Relapse Prevention,” “Seeking Safety,” and emphasizing motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, education, cultural competency, supporting diversity, and introduction to 12 step program recovery supports. Program services include a continuum of care through non-medical withdrawal management (detox), residential treatment (30, 60, 90 day), and outpatient services. The Empire Recovery Center, Redding CA., has been serving Northern California Since 1971. 

Art Sevilla Executive Director

Bettee Chenowith Operations Manager

Bryant Jake Williams Outpatient Program Manager