A proven continuum of care from detox through outpatient services for people seeking a pathway from addiction.

About Us


The Empire Recovery Center has been serving Northern California since 1971. The buildiing itself has been a part of the downtown area since 1912, although the building as you see it today was finished in 1918. Originally, it had three separate buildings and businesses, including a cafe, bar, and the hotel that often was a thriving part of the "red light" district.Read more


Click through to see a video that gives an overview of what we do and two examples of lives that have been changed for the better by our work here at Empire.Read more

Withdrawal Management (Detox)

We provide time, nutrition and support to allow the body to flush out the chemicals which affect the mind. A clear mind is essential in learning the tools needed to break addiction.Read more



I came in from the VA to detox for 6 days.  I was so weak I needed a […]

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I have been in and out of programs for 20 years, and I’ve always struggled with my recovery. […]

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I loved the food, the staff, and the feeling of being safe and cared about. I learned about […]

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The Empire Recovery Center taught me how to live life on life’s terms. I came with absolutely nothing […]

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“I came here lost, hopeless, broken; spiritually and mentally. My absolute bottom brought me to the Empire Recovery […]

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